“Benfield Paraplanning Service offers comprehensive paraplanning support to financial advisers, enabling them to focus on providing exceptional service to their own clients.”

Our services alleviate burdens such as advice documents and technical research. We assist in areas including the creation of Statements of Advice (SOA), Records of Advice (ROA), strategy papers, projections and modelling, and strategy discussions.

Our team of onshore paraplanners offers a wide range of paraplanning services, from super and insurance plans to complex strategies involving multiple entity Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs), Trusts, and Gearing strategies.

We have the ability to work with multiple software platforms as required.

Through our systemised approach and documented processes, we support financial advisers in strategy, advice documents, technical knowledge, and compliance. This allows advisers to focus more on providing exceptional service to their clients.

The Benfield Paraplanning Services team works closely with your business planners to ensure that the highest level of advice is provided to every client.

We adapt to each financial adviser’s unique style, harnessing a team approach towards completing any advice document.

We provide the following services:
  • Data Entry
  • Wealth Solver
  • Modelling
  • Record of Advice
  • Statement of Advice
Our extensive experience strategies:
  • Investment – Managed Funds, ETFs, Direct Shares
  • Insurance – Personal, Super and Business
  • Superannuation
  • SMSFs and Trusts
  • Retirement Income Streams
  • Gearing
  • Centrelink

Benefits/quality we provide:

  • You will be allocated a dedicated paraplanner and back up paraplanner so that you get to know each other which in turn results in quality results and limited changes.
  • Having a dedicated paraplanner allows you to directly contact them to discuss the advice, if necessary.
  • The collaborative approach means we can tailor advice documents to your specifications.
  • Our turn-around times are within generally 5 business days and as you can liaise directly with your allocated paraplanner means if changes are required, they can be done straight away without having to go to the back of the queue.